Steve Keenan at BritMums Live 2016

Steve Keenan

Travel consultancy @ Travel Perspective

Steve Keenan spent his journalistic career in newspapers, eventually becoming Deputy Travel Editor of The Times in 1999. He moved into digital media a decade ago, as the first online travel editor of a national newspaper. Having introduced social media, video and blogs at both The Times and Sunday Times, he left News International three years ago to co-found Travel Perspective. The consultancy helps travel brands develop digital and social strategies, and Steve speaks regularly at blogger and industry conferences. Travel Perspective has also teamed up with BritMums to create Family Travel Perspective, a collaborative of 10 bloggers, to extend our offering to the travel industry. Elsewhere, Travel Perspective runs the social media seminars at World Travel Market and, in April, 2015, created the first digital/social conference for Britain’s tourism industry, Social Travel Britain. @StevenKeenan