Jennie Maizels at #BML17 headshot

Jennie Maizels

@ Sketchbook Club

Artist Jennie Maizels has published 22 books and sold over a million copies worldwide. She’s known not only for her range of embroidery patches, which are stocked everywhere from Liberty to John Lewis to The Conran Shop, but also for her hugely popular Sketchbook Club.

Jennie’s hugely popular Sketchbook Club has become a phenomenon.

She believes passionately that people should be drawing for pleasure as much as they are baking, and that absolutely anyone can draw. It is just the fear of the blank page that stops them.

With Sketchbook Club, Jennie takes away that fear and teaches us that it is not just about drawing from life. There is nothing wrong in tracing, copying or being told what to do, we wouldn’t bake a cake without a recipe or play an instrument without music, so why not paint and draw with reference and instructions? It works. It’s fabulous and we’re all addicted. Keeping sketchbooks is officially good for the soul.