Alice Judge-Talbot at #BML17

Alice Judge-Talbot

@ More Than Toast

Single mum Alice Judge-Talbot edits the successful blog More Than Toast, writes a newspaper column for The Telegraph and runs the award-winning marketing consultancy A & Co. With a 10-year pedigree as an Account Director in London’s ad agencies, she gave up a life at the media coalface to spend more time with her kids at home. This concentration on her blog and online presence has led to award-winning campaigns with the likes of Waitrose, Speedo, Mark Warner and Penguin books, and media appearances on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, LBC and ITV as well as coverage in many major magazines and newspapers.

Alice’s 8 year old blog is highly-regarded and brings in a readership of 60,000 a month, with her combined social media following numbering 40k.

Now Alice’s children are 5 and 7 she’s working on a book about her experiences of divorce and single parenting. She’s also focusing on larger campaigns, video content and helping big brands develop their own influencer marketing strategies.